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Accepting Jesus Christ in your heart is the beginning of a new, eternal life. Prayer is the ultimate opportunity to receive God's guidance and give him praise.

Why is it so important to connect?

Relationships: A small group gives you the opportunity to get to know people at a more intimate level.  Sunday mornings are an awesome time to worship with the whole family of God, hear a sermon, engage in corporate vision, but a small group gives you a chance to build deeper friendships.


Learning the Word of God: Sunday’s sermon is a great time to get a broad teaching of the Word of God. However, small groups provide time for one on one discussion. Your group can provide a time to clarify answers to questions from Sunday’s sermon.


Opportunity to Serve Others: One of the greatest joys of being in a small group is the chance to bear others burdens (Galatians 6:2), serve their needs, and step out beyond your own issues.


A place to invite friends: A small group is a natural place to invite friends and family. Sometimes people are more comfortable going to a small group then attending a Sunday morning service.


A place to Pray and Share your needs: A gathering of a few people is a natural environment for prayer. A big part of prayer is conservation with God and small groups provide the perfect environment for communing with God.


Engage in worship: Gathering in a small group allows you to experience worship at a very intimate level.


Follow the New Testament pattern: Acts 2:42-47 gives us a blueprint of what the early church was passionately committed to. The early Christ Followers gathered in homes, shared meals, read the Word, prayed, and worshipped. When you participate in a small group you are following the New Testament pattern.


JOIN A MINISTRY: Why Join an FHBC Ministry?


Paul calls the church "one body with many parts" (1 Cor. 12:12). Just like each part of one's body has different functions, we all have been given different gifts (Romans 12:4-6). The most exciting part about it is that in the context of a church family, we have such an opportunity to use and share these gifts. As we work together, we will see how well we were made to serve each other!

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